lundi 28 janvier 2013

Celle qui avait Get Well Soon "Your endless Dreams" dans la tête...

Good morning, sister!
Why so sad?
They broke your heart, you fell again
What is it they never let you
Be the one they miss when they're blue
Don't you say you've never been loved
Don't you think you'll never be loved
I hold your hand till the bleeding stops I
hold your hand till you fall apart
And you dream your endless dream
Good morning, brother!
I'm so sad!
They broke my heart, I fell again
What is it they never want me
To be the one that they want to see
And it feels like I've never been loved
And it seems like I'll never be loved
One by one they got you where you are now and you'll be
Further down that road if you don't stop fighting this war
One by one they tear up your heart with their coldness and words
One by one you stop to feel your bleeding knees and heart
And everything that's real

Il n'y a pas de video officielle mais bon, c'est seulement pour écouter...